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Digital Media Summit 2020 Movie and Clips


A media summit about hate speech and antisemitism

Hate speech, antisemitism and conspiracy theories - how do you oppose them? And how do you reach the joung social media generation? Urgent questions, for which many smart people from politics, economy, journalism and religion look for answers at the first Israeli European Media Summit Tel Aviv. 


Please note, the movie and all clips are in german language. If you are looking for the english speaking content please switch to the complete video material of the summit here

Opening Remarks & Greetings
Presenting “Eva’s Stories Project”
Talk: 3 Generations 3 Perspectives
“Alliances Against Antisemitism & Hate Speech”, Discussion
Keynote Speech Dr. Maram Stern
Survey Presentation: „Europe and Israel – Insights into the Mutual Perception“
Discussing the Official Definition of Antisemitism: Agreeing to Disagree?
Talk with Wolf Biermann “Extremism & populism.
How to deal with it?”
Media Start-Up Pitches: Cyabra
Media Start-Up Pitches: D-ID
Power of Social Media
Discussion “Social Media as the Fifth Power?”
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